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Just Married Surreal by skrob Just Married Surreal by skrob
This drawing started from drawing an eye then everything else came random and created this work.No reference pictures

I'm not against marriage and its not to offend anyone by all means.this work was only to express my art work.

There's a lot you can read from this image and everyone that saw this drawing had different views.

Ill try to read it right to left side of the art work.

What I read from it

Priest hand hanging dead because he couldn't have wife because of his chosen path.Domino butterflies because marriage always fail.I heard that about 55% of marriage fails and people are doing the same mistake over and over because they think its all about the physical aspect of the person and not their soul.Qtips in the woman snail mouth because people never listen to her and she's offering a Qtip so that they can clean their ears.Fairies all over the place because woman's are all about fairy tail childhood and all being princesses and brainwashed over how I look and what I want.The monster stuck on her eye control's this mentality over and over like domino's without even seeing it in the first place.
A fish tank based on Jesus Christ fishes brought marriage to death because of so much depression and to much control over life.A giant fish trying to go in the tank like a sperm trying to go in the fetus realizing that he can not create babies because everyone is dead while dead fishes spirit are swimming.

The 2 big eye's somehow creates a big mouth like as if his chocked for life and can no long go back to its normal life because of the mistakes that was created.

A candle creating a marriage cake, casting a shadow of a church where everyone gets married which the church gets happy because people pay the church money to make them survive on and on.

Under the ears has weighed balls one in the right is 5 million tons because people that get married gain weigh because of too much suffering.I guess that would the over weighted dead hanging priest.The ball 10 pounds on the left side means there less suffering because there free but still not because our general life stress.I guess its like a balance of life and its to find the right balance for yourself before its to late.

The overall thing is every time you try to read this work you'll come up with something new all the time because there's so much stuff going on.

Hope you like this work and let me know what you guys read from this.I would be glad to hear your views

Again...I'm not against marriage and its not to offend anyone by all means.this work was only to express my art work.
costage Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uau. Great job!
MistaSeth Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Student Filmographer
Very cool!
Mayeaux Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting work!:)
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December 29, 2011
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